MoreMedia (S60 2nd edition) (S60

Advanced multimedia player for Nokia S60 cellphones

MoreMedia is an advanced audio/video player enabling user to organize in playlists all the files stored in a Symbian S60 mobile device.

Audio and video contents can coexist into a playlist : Moremedia switches automatically to the correct graphic user interface. Player commands are displayed on the fullscreen custom user interface and rapidly accessible through the joystick avoiding menu and softkeys interaction. This brings the user to a real one-hand experience.
Videos can be appreciated at full screen size and the player is skinnable loading the images straight from the mobile device's gallery.

MoreMedia scans phone memory and memory card for audio/video files and create a collection of media letting user to browse the collection with a few keystrokes applying the search criterias (Artist, Album, Genre, Title,…) to extract his/her preferred medias.
The user can save the media selection into a playlist which can be browsed, modified and removed.

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MoreMedia (S60 2nd edition) (S60

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